New website, New art, New album release for AB&FAM


Hi everyone! Welcome to this new website. It’s so exciting for me to be able to have this beautiful forum to make my artwork and music more accessible to everyone. I could go on and on about it. There are so many new features in it like a ,”Events calendar, galleries of my artwork from through out the years, connections to social media platform updates, my new shop!”

Ahhhh!!! it’s realy just exciting… feel free to explore each page. You might find out something new about me or my work. Feel free to share my pics and music with friends on or any social media platform. Spread the good news. My hope and prayer is more people will be inspired , uplifted, touched by God through this work.

I was given this new web site from special supporters that believed in the work I am doing. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of these people in there donations of time and money and recourses. I am deeply touched and strengthened to turn a new chapter in my work, and i am so excited I can share this journey with you. I will be posting a new blog weekly, and possibly more often then that. So look out world!


I also want to share with you about my new Reprints of my latest acrylic collage paintings available in my new shop! There are different sizes and types of prints available from my latest series from 2013. Even if you are not looking to buy I am sure you will enjoy the close ups of the paintings and the info available.There will be some original works of art up for sale there to, so keep a look out for new paintings.

last but not least , the band I am apart of named AB&FAM has just released our first LIVE album!!!! yeah!!!

The AB&FAM album release party this weekend we just finished will forever be marked in my mind. There have been so many stories that have circled around of how God impacted lives.Like the one about the married couple that chose to not go threw with divorce after encountering the Lord’s spirit in the music community. Or the man who chose to give his life to God afresh, or the ones given new hope for the church, or the countless people who were moved to tears as the spirit moved in the meetings as wave after wave of His presence became so apparent, or the wild joy that broke out in dance as arms waved in the crowd jumping up and down, shouting, singing loudly, forming conga lines as men and woman rejoiced, or how about the children that were moved to dance sing and play there little kazoo’s to the Lord with joy. Messages have come in also from people who were listening to the album and were moved to tears as the reality of God the Father began to become clear through these songs. There have been many stories about how these songs bring tears of deep emotions that bring hope as people are driving, jogging or just spending time at home or with family. All this and so much more happened this week end. I will try to post more about this weekend as soon as I get the time. Thank you God, thank you family and friends!You can buy a CD hard copy of the album at my new website OR YOU CAN BUY A DIGITAL COPY BY CLICKING THIS LINK >>>>